First Federal Bank Residential Mortgage Loan Originators

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) was passed on July 30, 2008. As a result of that legislation, Residential Mortgage Loan Originators (“MLOs”) employed by First Federal Bank have registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. Upon registration, each MLO is assigned a unique identifier that is to be provided to a consumer upon request, before acting as an MLO, and through the MLO’s initial written communication with a consumer, if any, whether on paper or electronically.

First Federal Bank NMLS # 500077

A list of First Federal Bank’s MLOs and their individual NMLS identifier follows

Ashworth, Julie Deanna 1417431 Ketch, Katie 1492258
Barber, Terry G 537181 Lawson, Karen Charmaine 537196
Bowers, Lisa R 537182 LaMothe, Corey 905735
Bowman, Robert Louis 537183 Livingston, Geoff 641007
Bradford, Terri 440547 Lunn, Robin Matlock 537198
Brooks, Cecilia Ann 537184 Mayberry, Connie Ann 537200
Burch, Matthew Robert 1422094 Mayberry, Larry Douglas 537201
Burgess, Barbara Gayle 537185 McCaslin, Daniel 440555
Butler, Randy 440550 McVoy, Stacey L 1629867
Campbell, Heather 916496 Mulloy, Dawn 440556
Collier, Elizabeth Sue 1689891 Murphy, Nancy Streetman 509422
Chessor, Shela D 677495 Newell, Grant Howard 663651
Dodd, Janis Elaine 537187 Orgain, Melinda Faye 537202
Dunville, Toni 440553 Ponder, Shirley Eileen 537203
Felker, Mark A 537189 Rainey, Glen 440558
Fielder, Kristin Ann 537190 Schwallie, Melinda 423617
Grasty, Brian 440554 Shelton, Virginia Gayle 537205
Harrell, Judith Ann 537191 Simpkins, Denita Marie 537206
Hawkins, Sharon Leigh 537192 Street, Vivian Rose 537208
Hughey, Gregory Keith 537194 Story, Whitney L 1626319
Hurst, Danielle Nicole 1508227 Trice, Tammy R 1274826
Jones, Rachel C 1524415