ATTENTION: Online Banking Upgrade Notification. If you are currently a registered Online Banking user, your User ID will be the same. The system will prompt you for your temporary password. Your temporary password is your zip code and last four digits of your social.  The system will then ask you to create a new password within the system.

Security Setting

When you log on to Online Banking after the upgrade, you will be asked to select new security data on the new system. Your previously entered security data will not be retained through the upgrade.

Automatic Transfers

Automatic, external transfers, and recurring transfers including loan transfers, set up through Online banking will not transfer. If you previously set up automatic, recurring transfers within Online banking, you will need to set those back up as they will not carry over to the new system.


If you have alerts set up in online banking, they will not carry over to the new system. To create alerts in the new system, click on “Administration” tab.

Scheduled Bill Pay Payments

Bill Pay payments scheduled to process on or before October 15th, will be processed and paid. Payments scheduled with a process date on or after October 15th will need to be verified. All your bill pay history and payees should transfer. We would like to suggest you take screen shots of your current payees and scheduled transactions to verify the information has transferred correctly in the new system.

Need Assistance

To help you with any needs you may have during the upgrade, you may call any branch location or 615-446-2822