Fannie Mae Financial Assistance Programs 

Fannie Mae Financial Assistance Programs

Financial hardship can hit at any time, leaving you unprepared and unsure of what to do next. First Federal Bank is here to help. Whether you’re in danger of missing a mortgage payment or you’ve fallen behind on your loan repayment, we act with compassion to understand your financial situation, connecting you with resources designed to help. This includes Fannie Mae Financial Assistance programs. 

What are Fannie Mae Financial Assistance Programs?

Fannie Mae Financial Assistance programs are designed to help homeowners suffering from temporary financial hardship or distress. These programs include forbearance and deferral plans, as well as modified payment plans and mortgage assistance. Qualified mortgage holders can seek temporary relief through these programs as they reestablish their financial footing.


Need Financial Assistance?

If you’re in financial distress, you might qualify for assistance through Fannie Mae programs. We urge you to contact your First Federal Bank mortgage officer as soon as possible for help applying. Remember, we’re not here to judge—we’re here to help.


For information on Fannie Mae financial assistance programs or if you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments, please contact:

Gayle Burgess NMLS 537185
[email protected]
(615) 740-4521 Direct Line
1-800-625-2265 Toll Free

For questions or assistance regarding an application for Fannie Mae’s financial hardship assistance program, please contact:

Amy Smith
[email protected]
(615) 740-4517 Direct Line
1-800-625-2265 Toll Free

A review of your application will be performed and a response made within 10 days of notice.

Let First Federal Bank Help

If you’re facing financial hardship, First Federal Bank is ready to help. Let us connect you with Fannie Mae resources that help you alleviate the weight of your mortgage, so you can find your financial footing once again. Contact us today to discuss your situation with a compassionate banking professional who can help you find a path forward.