Personal Savings Accounts

Personal Savings Account

Whether you’re saving for college, a new car, your dream vacation or a rainy day, First Federal Bank makes it easy to put money away and watch it grow. Open a Personal Savings Account and take advantage of competitive interest rates and the accessibility you need in the event of an emergency. Your money is always here when you need it, and we’ll help you grow it for the future.

  • $15.00 fee if daily balance drops below $200 (per quarter)
  • $5.00 fee per withdrawal in excess of 9 per quarter

Money Market (Cash Investment) Account

Cash investment accounts are a great way to put your money to work, without any potential for loss. Cash accounts earn you a higher rate of interest on your savings, with an emphasis on higher balances. The greater your savings grows, the more you earn! Best of all, your funds are still accessible if you need to dip into savings.

There’s no fee on daily balances of $1,00 to $2,500 ($12 fee below $1,000). You’re allotted up to six (6) withdrawals per month (can be debit card transactions, internet transactions, ACH transactions, phone transactions or checks).

 Interest bearing is based on tiered account balances.

Christmas Club Account

Become a Christmas Club Account holder and start saving for the most wonderful time of the year! Our Christmas Club accounts give you access to flexible savings opportunities, so you can put away money for presents and festivities. Best of all, we’ll send you your funds automatically before the season arrives, so you’ve got money in your pocket by early November. Get ready for happy, stress-free holidays!

  • $5.00 minimum balance
  • $10.00 withdrawal charge
  • Unlimited balance
  • Interest bearing. Paid on daily collected balance
  • Funds distributed in early November by direct deposit/transfer

Build a Strong Financial Future

The best time to build for the future is right now, and First Federal Bank is here to help. No matter what you’re saving for, we’ll make sure your money is safe and secure whenever the time comes to spend it. Open a personal savings account today at any of our 17 convenient community branches.
Find your First Federal Bank and give us a call, to learn more about our savings account options.