Phone FAQs

What is First Federal phone banking, and how can I benefit from it?

Phone banking is a convenient service available from First Federal Bank. The system allows customers to access their account information using a touch tone telephone.

Within the program, First Federal account holders can retrieve balances anytime night or day, even weekends or holidays, for each account they have.

How do I use First Federal phone banking?

There are a few simple steps in using the phone banking system:

  • Using your touch tone phone, dial 446-3205 or 1-800-607-2265
  • Press 1 (to let the system know you are using a touch tone phone)
  • Press 1 (for account information)
  • Press 1 (for checking accounts), 2 (for savings accounts)
  • Type the account number followed by the # key (be sure to include zeros at the beginning)
  • Type the PIN number followed by the # key (the customer service representative will give you this information when you first set up the account)
  • Follow the prompts as needed
Can I change my First Federal phone banking user ID and/or PIN number?

You can change your PIN number once you are logged into First Federal phone banking. If your PIN number is lost or forgotten contact us.[/toggle][toggle title=”What should I do if I lose or forget my PIN number?” open=”no”]If you have lost or forgotten your PIN number when trying to log in or are having other difficulties, contact us. First Federal customer service will verify that you are the owner of your accounts and assist you with gaining access to First Federal phone banking.

Why does the phone banking system no longer accept my login formation (Account information is incorrect)?

Due to a recent change in phone banking software, several customers have reported that their PIN is no longer being accepted for login to the system.

Call the system back, but when you type the account number, make sure you DO NOT enter any zeroes at the beginning of the account number. The PIN number should be the same as it had been previously.

If you are still having difficulty logging in, call us for further assistance.

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